TRANSLIT is a Language Solutions Provider founded in Ireland in 2009 and specializing in interpreting, translation and localisation services. 

TRANSLIT PRO, the company’s educational division focuses on providing support to freelance interpreters and translators by offering them a range of training webinars, courses and programmes to develop themselves as professionals within the language industry.

TRANSLIT RSI is a cloud-based delivery platform for remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) of multilingual events, meetups, webinars, conference calls and live broadcasts. TRANSLIT RSI comes in the form of a mobile app or web interface and is available on iOS and Android.

 TRANSLIT’s cloud-based platform also provides an all-in-one Interpretation Platform & Marketplace combined, enabling access to professional interpreting language service providers and qualified, experienced, verified interpreters.

 TRANSLIT's mission is to go above and beyond to help people understand each other, bringing them closer, breaking language barriers and enabling communication by providing fast, high-quality, affordable professional language services, using the latest technology, employing a team of top language experts who love what they do and constantly improve and innovate.

Training Testimonials

I love the positive energy!

I thought you did a great job preparing the webinar including the information, the visual presentation, and the technical side of it. All speakers were very clear, level-headed, and pleasant to listen to. You got your point across, gave us a glimpse into the inevitable future, and motivated to change our thinking in the direction of remote work plus introduced the platform. Job well done! I love the positive energy of the brand.

With my translator background, I learned a lot about interpretation via this webinar

I learned a lot after the webinar as I am quite new to interpretation. I am an experienced translator but have only ventured into interpretation recently. I was happy with the webinar. I want to say congratulations on such a substantial number of attendees. I really like the punctuality and the extensive email preparatory communication.

An excellent webinar!

It was very good, or I would say an excellent webinar! I would have liked to see an example of remote interpreting such as the start of a remote interpreting event. I already enrolled more of your courses to learn more about interpreting skills

It was worthwhile even for translator

The webinar is really informative with practical knowledge, some of them are even new to me. And I think it was worthwhile even for translators.

Helpful for beginners!

Through my experience, the webinar is very helpful and informative, especially for us - beginners