About this Course

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This course includes all information that a professional conference interpreter would require to become a competent user of the TRANSLIT RSI platform.

You will also find this course useful if you would just like to get a better understanding of the benefits and features of the TRANSLIT RSI platform.

The course is organised as a sequence of short, easy, bite-size sessions for you to familarise yourself with the main features, benefits and uses of the platform. 

If you would like to become a TRANSLIT RSI Certified Interpreter, please complete the short test that is included in the course to assess your knowledge of TRANSLIT RSI. A certificate and a 'virtual badge' will be issued to you if you succeed in the test (70% pass rate).

We hope you will enjoy this course and are looking forward to working with you in TRANSLIT RSI platform!

Please CLICK HERE to enroll to the latest version of this free course

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to TRANSLIT RSI

    • 1.1 About TRANSLIT RSI Platform

    • 1.2 About this Course

    • 1.3 DISCLAIMER

  • 2

    TRANSLIT RSI - Interpreter Training

    • 2.1 Hardware: getting ready for the session

    • 2.2 Headset / Microphone and Webcam

    • 2.3 Your Internet Connection

    • 2.4 Accessing your interpreting booth

    • 2.5 TRANSLIT RSI Interpreter Console / Interface

    • 2.6 TRANSLIT RSI Session Demonstration

  • 3

    TRANSLIT RSI: General Information

    • 3.1 RSI: Benefits and Uses

    • 3.2 RSI Overview: listeners, interpreters, presenters

    • 3.3 Why choose TRANSLIT RSI?

    • 3.4 Platform Security & Servers

  • 4

    Your next steps

    • 4.1 Become a TRANSLIT RSI partner

    • 4.2 Register on www.translit.ie

    • Complete TRANSLIT RSI Test

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